Brand New 6 Round Rotary Airlock Valve Available for Sale - Get a Quote Now!


Rotary valve airlocks are an essential component of any industrial system where the controlled flow of dry bulk materials is required. These components are used to efficiently transfer materials from one point to another within the system while maintaining a positive seal to prevent air leakage and material contamination. If you are in the market for a high-quality rotary valve airlock, we have some exciting news for you.

J&M Industrial is now selling a brand-new 6-inch round rotary airlock valve produced by a top tier manufacturer. This airlock valve is designed and manufactured by WM. W. Meyers & Sons, a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and durability. The longstanding reputation of this manufacturer in the industry is a testament to the high standards they adhere to during production.

The rotary airlock valve is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure an extended service life, even under harsh operating conditions. The valve’s body is made from cast iron, which provides excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. It features eight equally spaced blades that ensure even distribution of material flow, and prevent bridging and binding of the materials being transported. The valve’s rotor is powered by a direct drive gear reducer that provides reliable and efficient operation.

One of the key benefits of this rotary airlock valve is its compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to install and transport. It is also equipped with an adjustable throat, which makes it versatile enough to work with different types of materials, flow rates, and pressure differentials.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a top-quality rotary valve airlock for your industrial system, the WM. W. Meyer & Sons UDV Rotary Airlock Valve is an excellent choice. With its superior design, high-quality construction, and reliable performance, this valve is built to last. So why not submit a quote today and experience the difference this airlock valve can make in your operations?

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Effortlessly Maintain Your Cat's Hygiene with Self-Cleaning Litter Options

Keeping a pet at home is a wonderful and enjoyable experience, especially when you have a furry companion like a cat. However, the task of keeping a clean and hygienic environment for your cat can be quite tedious, especially when it comes to cleaning the litter box. Thankfully, with advancements in technology, self-cleaning cat litter boxes have become widely available, helping cat owners to save time and effort.Self-cleaning litter boxes are designed to make the task of cleaning the litter box much simpler and less daunting. They come equipped with a self-cleaning valve that automatically separates and disposes of the waste, leaving the litter clean and fresh for the next use. The process of cleaning the litter box is initiated through the press of a button, or the use of a motion sensor, making the process completely hassle-free.The self-cleaning valve is a crucial component of the self-cleaning litter box. It is designed to separate the waste from the clean litter without needing manual intervention. The valve is placed at the base of the litter box and is usually made of plastic. This valve is responsible for separating the waste from the clean litter, and it effectively moves it into a disposable container. The process of separating the waste from the litter is automated and is triggered by a signal from a motion sensor or a button.Self-cleaning litter boxes come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Some models are equipped with advanced features like odor control and air filtration systems that keep the environment hygienic and fresh. Additionally, the litter boxes come with a variety of litter options like clay, crystal, and pine, depending on your preference. Finally, the litter boxes also come with removable liners that allow for easy and efficient cleaning of the container.One great advantage of using a self-cleaning litter box is that it significantly reduces the time you spend cleaning the litter box. This means that you can spend more time playing and bonding with your feline buddy instead of being bogged down with litter box cleaning tasks. Additionally, self-cleaning litter boxes help in the reduction of odors that come with waste management and keep the surrounding area clean and fresh for you and your pet.Another great advantage of using a self-cleaning litter box is that it is considerably more hygienic than traditional litter boxes. Waste management is more efficient and effective, and this ensures that the environment your pet is exposed to is always clean and hygienic. Furthermore, the automated cleaning process helps to reduce the risk of contamination, making it a safer environment for your pet.In conclusion, owning a cat or any other pet should be an enjoyable and enriching experience. Nobody likes the hassle of cleaning litter boxes, and that's where a self-cleaning litter box comes in handy. With a self-cleaning valve, the litter box is cleaned promptly and efficiently, leaving no room for manual intervention. The environment remains clean and healthy, and the process is simple and hassle-free. As a result, self-cleaning litter boxes are quickly becoming the preferred choice for cat owners and are a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their pet care routine.

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Efficient Process of Dry Materials with Plug-Type Diverter Valve

Are you in the market for a plug diverter rotary valve? Look no further than the Channel Changer by (brand name removed). This innovative valve is the perfect solution for processing pellets, powders, and other dry materials with maximum efficiency.The Channel Changer is a plug-type diverter (PTD) valve that is designed to re-route materials with zero degradation. This means that your materials will remain in peak condition throughout the processing cycle, ensuring the highest quality end product.What sets the Channel Changer apart from other diverter valves on the market is its unique design. The valve features a round flange that eliminates dead space and minimizes buildup, resulting in improved processing rates and reduced maintenance requirements.In addition, the Channel Changer is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Its modular design allows for easy disassembly and reassembly, while the valve's plug and seat design ensures that materials cannot bypass the valve.The Channel Changer is also incredibly versatile. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of your processing application, including material handling, sanitation, and explosion-proof requirements. The valve is available in a variety of sizes to fit any system and can be operated manually or with pneumatic or electric actuators.If you're looking for a plug diverter rotary valve that offers unbeatable performance and versatility, look no further than the Channel Changer by (brand name removed). Trust us, your materials will thank you.

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Premium Diverter Valve for Digital Water Filters - Compatible with On Tap Models

If you have a Stefani On Tap Digital Water Filter system, you might need a diverter valve to help keep your water clean and clear. A diverter valve is an important component of any water filter system, and without it, your filter might not work properly.What is a Diverter Valve?A diverter valve is a small component that helps redirect water flow in your filter system. It works by controlling the direction of water flow, so that it passes through your filter before flowing out of the tap.Without a diverter valve, your water filter system might not work properly. Some water might bypass the filter completely, meaning that it won't be getting the full benefits of the filter. This could lead to decreased water quality and increased risk of harmful contaminants.Why Choose Stefani Australasia Diverter Valve?If you have a Stefani On Tap Digital Water Filter system, then a Stefani Australasia diverter valve might be right for you. Stefani has developed a wide range of high-quality water filters and components, including diverter valves that are designed to work specifically with their On Tap Digital Water Filter system.One of the key advantages of a Stefani diverter valve is its durability. These valves are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last for years, so you can rely on them to keep your water filter system functioning properly. Plus, they are easy to install and use, making them a convenient and hassle-free option for anyone looking to improve the quality of their home's drinking water.How to Install a Stefani Diverter ValveIf you're thinking about installing a Stefani diverter valve, you'll be pleased to know that it's a quick and easy process. First, you'll need to remove your existing tap adapter and then screw the new dovetail adapter in place. From there, you can attach the new valve by screwing it onto the adapter, and then connect the water inlet and outlet hoses to the valve.Once you've completed these steps, your Stefani diverter valve should be up and running, and you'll be able to enjoy clean and clear drinking water straight from your tap.ConclusionIf you're looking to improve the quality of your home's drinking water, a Stefani Australasia diverter valve might be just what you need. These high-quality valves are designed to work specifically with Stefani On Tap Digital Water Filter systems, and they offer a range of benefits, from improved water quality to increased durability and ease of use.So if you're ready to take the first step towards better water quality in your home, consider investing in a Stefani diverter valve today. With their top-quality materials and convenient design, these valves are sure to be a smart and reliable choice for any homeowner.

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Valve to Enforce Restriction on Devs Frontloading Steam Screenshots with Trailers Valve, the video game company that owns Steam, is enforcing a new restriction on developers who previously loaded the screenshot galleries with dozens of trailers. According to Valve, many developers did not seem to know how best to manage the space. Therefore, Valve is now taking steps to ensure that the galleries are front-loaded with screenshots instead of trailers. This is one of the latest tweaks that Valve has implemented to ensure everything is running smoothly on Steam.

Valve Corporation, the leading digital distribution platform for PC gaming, has announced that it will no longer allow game developers to frontload their Steam screenshot galleries with trailers. The company claims that many developers do not know how to best manage the space and therefore end up cluttering it with unnecessary content.Valve's move is aimed at improving the user experience by providing a cleaner, more organized browsing experience for gamers. This change is also expected to help boost the visibility and discoverability of games on the platform, as users will be able to easily access the most relevant information about a game.One of the specific changes that Valve plans to implement is the addition of a separate section for video content. This will ensure that the video content does not interfere with the screenshot gallery, resulting in a smoother and more efficient browsing experience.Valve has always been known for its focus on user experience, and this latest move is no exception. The company has been experimenting with various changes to its platform over the past few years in an effort to improve the experience for both developers and gamers.In addition to this change, Valve has also announced a number of other improvements to the Steam platform, including the addition of a new Chat Filtering feature, as well as improvements to the Steam VR platform.Valve's commitment to improving the Steam platform is a testament to the company's dedication to providing the best possible gaming experience for its users. With these new changes, gamers can look forward to an even smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience, while developers can benefit from increased visibility and discoverability on the platform.In conclusion, Valve's decision to prevent developers from frontloading Steam screenshot galleries with trailers is a positive move for the platform and its users. This will not only improve the user experience, but also ensure that games are more easily discoverable and accessible on the platform. As Valve continues to tinker with its platform, gamers can expect even more improvements and features in the future.

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Types of Rotary Valve: Applications, Components and Limitations of Rotary Airlock Valve - Engineering Learn

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Soft Sealing Plug Valve with Sleeve Type Design According to ANSI Standards - Key Structural Features

Soft Sealing Plug Valve: The Solution for Reliable SealingIn the world of valves, the soft sealing plug valve has been a popular choice for industries that require a reliable sealing system. With its excellent performance and reasonable structure, this valve is a must-have for any industrial setting.One of the main structural features of the soft sealing plug valve is its sleeve type design. The valve is equipped with a cylindrical sleeve that is made of soft material such as rubber or plastic. The sleeve is pressed against the plug by the flow of fluid or gas, creating a tight seal that prevents leakage.The soft material of the sleeve enables the valve to adapt to changes in temperature and pressure without compromising its sealing capabilities. This makes the soft sealing plug valve an ideal choice for industries that require a versatile and dependable sealing system.The ANSI standard is a widely recognized standard for valves in the American market. QiLong Valve has developed a sleeve type soft sealing plug valve according to the ANSI standard, which makes it a perfect choice for industrial applications in the US.QiLong Valve's soft sealing plug valve is not only reliable but also visually appealing. The valve comes in a beautiful design that adds aesthetic value to industrial plants. When it comes to performance, the quality of the valve speaks for itself.The sealing of this valve is exceptional, thanks to the use of soft materials in its construction. The soft material of the sleeve adjusts to variations in pressure and temperature, ensuring that the valve maintains its sealing capabilities throughout its operational life.In conclusion, the soft sealing plug valve is the solution for any industrial setting that requires a reliable and versatile sealing system. QiLong Valve's sleeve type soft sealing plug valve according to the ANSI standard ticks all the right boxes when it comes to reliability, performance, and aesthetics. With its excellent track record in the industry, this valve is a wise choice if you want to ensure the success of your industrial operations.Keywords: soft sealing plug valve, sleeve type design, reliable sealing, ANSI standard, versatile sealing system.

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Gray Striped Cat with Dilute Tortoiseshell Coat Missing in West End

Lost Cat, Gray Striped (Dilute Tortoiseshell) Cat in West EndWEST END, NORTH CAROLINA - A family in West End is desperately searching for their beloved cat, who disappeared from their home earlier this week. The gray-striped dilute tortoiseshell cat, named Bella, has been missing since Wednesday, and her owners are asking for the community's help to find her.Bella is a three-year-old female cat with gray and white fur, green eyes, and a distinctive striped pattern. She is a friendly and loving cat who enjoys cuddles and playtime with her family. Her owners say she has never gone missing before and they are very worried about her.She's a sweet and gentle cat, who loves nothing more than curling up on our laps and purring, said Bella's owner, Jane Smith. We are heartbroken that she has gone missing and we are hoping that someone in the community can help us find her.Bella was last seen at her home on Wednesday morning, and her owners believe she may have wandered off to explore the surrounding area. They have searched the local streets and posted flyers around the neighborhood, but so far, there have been no sightings of the missing cat.We've been out every day, calling her name and searching for her, said Smith. We know she's out there somewhere, and we just want to bring her home safe and sound.The Smith family has enlisted the help of local animal shelters and rescue groups in their search for Bella, and they are also appealing to anyone who may have seen her to come forward. They have set up a dedicated phone number and email address for anyone with information about the missing cat to get in touch.We're hoping that someone in the community has seen her or knows where she is, said Smith. We are willing to offer a reward for her safe return, and we are just praying that she comes home soon.Anyone with information about Bella's whereabouts is urged to contact the Smith family at [INSERT PHONE NUMBER] or [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS]. The family has also shared photos of Bella on social media in the hope that they can reach a wider audience and find their missing pet.For many families, pets are an important part of their lives, providing companionship, comfort, and joy. However, losing a pet can be a devastating experience, and it's important to take immediate action to try and find them. Bella's owners are doing everything they can to locate their missing cat, and they are grateful for the support of the local community in their efforts.At times like these, it's comforting to know that there are kind and compassionate people in our community who are willing to help us, said Smith. We are hopeful that the power of social media and word of mouth will help us find Bella and bring her home to us where she belongs.As a company that values the well-being of pets, we encourage all pet owners to take steps to keep their animals safe and secure. This includes ensuring that they are microchipped and wearing identification tags, as well as keeping them indoors at night and supervising them when they are outside. By working together as a community, we can help ensure that all pets are able to live happy and healthy lives with their owners.

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What is an Isolation Valve Used for in Marine Industry?

ISOLATION VALVE: The Solution to Marine Transit ProblemsMarine transportation is a highly complex industry that requires a thorough understanding of various factors, ranging from weather conditions to cargo management. In recent years, the industry has seen a shift towards more efficient and sustainable modes of transportation. However, with the advent of new technologies and processes, new challenges have emerged in the industry that affect the overall safety and efficiency of marine transit. One such challenge is the commingling of cargoes, which can lead to contamination and logistical difficulties. This is where ISOLATION VALVE comes in.ISOLATION VALVE is a valve that is used to segregate a piping system line or a series of pipelines from one another when commingling of cargoes is not desirable. This simple technology has revolutionized the way marine transportation is managed, offering a more efficient and effective solution for the challenges that arise in this complex industry.ISOLATION VALVE is designed to prevent contamination, reduce logistics complexity, and increase efficiency in the transportation of different types of cargoes. The valve is made of high-quality materials that ensure its longevity and durability in marine environments. It is designed to operate seamlessly and with maximum efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.ISOLATION VALVE is easy to install and maintain, and its design allows for easy access to the valve body for servicing and repairs. The valve is also versatile and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different marine transportation companies.At ISOLATION VALVE, we understand the importance of safety and efficiency in marine transit. Our team of experts has developed this innovative technology to address the challenges that have emerged in this industry. With our focus on innovation, quality, and reliability, we have become the trusted partner of many marine transportation companies around the world.Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and products has earned us a reputation as one of the leading providers of innovative solutions in the marine industry. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and work tirelessly to ensure that their needs are met consistently.ISOLATION VALVE is the solution that marine transportation companies have been waiting for. With this simple yet effective technology, they can now transport their cargoes with the utmost safety and efficiency, while reducing logistical complexities and maximizing productivity.In conclusion, with the challenges facing the marine transportation industry, it is essential to adopt innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions. The ISOLATION VALVE is a perfect example of such solutions. By using this technology, marine transportation companies can overcome the challenges that arise in their operations and achieve their goals with maximum efficiency and safety. Contact us today to learn more about how ISOLATION VALVE can help your business overcome the challenges of marine transportation.

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Needle Valves: Ensuring Leak-Proof and Secure Connections for Instruments

Isolation Needle Valve: Ensuring Leak-Proof and Secure ConnectionsNeedle valves may seem like a small component in the grand scheme of things, but their significance cannot be undermined. These valves play a crucial role in ensuring that the connections in a system are leak-proof and secure. An isolation needle valve is an essential component in systems that contain fluids and gases under high pressure. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of needle valves, their function, operation, working, types, and applications.Basics of Needle ValvesA needle valve is a type of valve that is typically used to regulate the flow of fluids or gases. They are designed to have a small orifice and a long, tapered point at the end of a valve stem. The point is designed to fit precisely into the opening, called the seat, which is located at the end of the valve body. Needle valves are commonly used for controlling flow rates, but they can also be used for shut-off applications.Function of Needle ValvesThe primary function of a needle valve is to regulate flow rates in a system. They do this by varying the orifice size of the valve, which in turn, varies the flow rate. By adjusting the position of the valve stem, the amount of fluid or gas that is allowed to pass through the valve can be controlled. This is particularly useful in applications where precise control of the flow rate is necessary.Operation of Needle ValvesNeedle valves are operated by turning the valve stem. When the stem is turned, the tapered point moves in and out of the seat, which changes the orifice size of the valve. As the orifice size decreases, the flow rate is reduced, and as the orifice size increases, the flow rate is increased. Needle valves are typically designed to be operated manually, but they can also be designed to be operated using an actuator.Working of Needle ValvesNeedle valves work on the principle of throttling. The valve stem is turned through an angle to vary the orifice size of the valve, and this, in turn, controls the flow rate. The tapered point at the end of the valve stem fits snugly into the seat, which creates a leak-tight seal. This seal prevents the fluid or gas from leaking out of the system.Types of Needle ValvesThere are two main types of needle valves: isolation and regulating. The isolation needle valve is used for shutoff applications, while the regulating needle valve is used for controlling flow rates. The isolation needle valve has a rotating stem that is used to open and close the valve, while the regulating needle valve has a stem that is adjusted to control the flow rate.Applications of Needle ValvesNeedle valves are used in a variety of applications, including:- Chemical and petrochemical industries- Oil and gas industry- Pharmaceutical industry- Food and beverage processing- Aerospace industry- Water treatment plants- Instrumentation systemsConclusionNeedle valves play a vital role in ensuring the connections in a system are secure and leak-proof. A reliable needle valve manufacturer can reduce the overall expense of the instrument needle valve. By understanding the basics of needle valves, their function, operation, working, types, and applications, you can make an informed decision when choosing a needle valve for your system. An isolation needle valve is particularly useful in systems that contain fluids and gases under high pressure, as it provides a leak-tight seal.

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Choosing a Small Rotary Valve: Things to Consider

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